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Chateau la Chassagne



Dijon and the region Cote d'Or

Burgundy is well known in the whole world for its historical culture, famous wines and outstanding gastronomy. With about 220,000 inhabitants and its university, Dijon is the capital of this region. This central location in Europe is the basis for the international economic structure of Dijon. At the same time the city is an intersection of motorways and railway systems and is serviced also by its international airport. Using the aircraft or the French highspeed train, the TGV, all other big cities in Europe are comfortably reachable.

On the other hand Dijon stands for the enjoyment of the very good food and beverages. Its restaurants and their renowned cooks spoil your palate with the best products of french cuisine. All the possibilities Dijon offers and also its surroundings including the vineyards, wooded hills, canals and rivers makes it a city everybody simply has to visit and enjoy.

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